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Eva's Notebook

Fan Fiction

24 Fan Fiction

Touching Base (Jack/Assad, PG-13.) All Jack wants to do is protect Assad, but the former terrorist leader seems more than capable of handling himself. Does Jack have an ulterior motive, and if so, how will Assad handle it?
Shabah (Jack/Assad, PG-13.) Shabah: Arabic for "ghost." Jack Bauer finds himself staring at a man he thought for sure was dead. Hamri Al Assad has defied the laws of logic yet again. What does the future hold for the two of them?
24 Holiday Madness (Jack/Assad, Chloe/Morris, PG-13.) When Chloe throws a holiday party, the boys break into the booze early--and all hell breaks loose. No Christmas tree--or ottoman, for that matter--is safe.

The Catalyst (Mild Jack/Assad, R.) Jack and Assad meet prior to Day 6, during the timeline of the 1999 bombing on the U.S. Embassy. As is the standard, Jack comes to realize that the infamous then-terror-leader is not who he seems. 40 days won't break a man. At least, not this one. Warnings for intense scenes of interrogation, strong language and a M/M kiss toward the end.

Propositions : (US Politics/24 X-over. PG-13.) President-Elect Barack Obama has a proposition for Agent Jack Bauer.

WWE Fan Fiction

The Acolyte and the Undertaker: (WWE: Undertaker, Bradshaw. M.) Bradshaw is sent to the town mortuary with a message for the mortician, and gets more than he bargained for. AU, featuring Bradshaw as the pastor's assistant, and The Undertaker as...well, an undertaker. Rated for morbid imagery and some grave humor.
The Red-Hot Referee : (JBL/HHH, R.) Inspired by events of RAW on Feb. 18. Just before the big match between Orton and Cena, Triple H receives an unexpected guest in his locker room.

Talladega Nights Fan Fiction

Busted: (Ricky/Jean, PG-13.) Ricky Bobby is having a terrible time trying to keep a secret. What happens when he gets caught red-handed by a certain Frenchman? Perhaps the ending result will leave Ricky wishing he was FAR too drunk to taste THAT chicken.
Electrical Storm : (Ricky/Jean, PG-13.) On a dark and stormy night in Charlotte, Jean Girard receives a visitor beneath his balcony. After everything that's happened, Ricky Bobby doesn't want Jean to leave after all.
Unexpected : (Ricky/Jean, PG-13.) A mishap at the annual Dennit Racing holiday party leads to unexpected events for Jean and Ricky.

Misc. Fan Fiction

 Derailed :(LOST, Grindhouse. Sayid/Abby, M.) A LOST/Planet Terror crossover. A killer virus is spreading, threatening to take out an entire town, and Abby and Sayid are on the run. In an old, secluded hotel on the outskirts, the two reflect on their present situation, and think about the next step. Written for Dani as part of the '07 Holiday Challenge.

Too Close for Comfort : (Deep Black: Jihad. Asad/Katib, PG-13.) Following Asad bin Taysr's brush with death, Katib and Asad lay low in a safe house just outside Istanbul. Katib muses on the incident, and what it means for his relationship with Asad.

The Call : (Day of Confession. Parma/Marsciano, R.) A late-night phone call between two cardinals goes awry.

Destination Unknown : (Still Life With Crows. Agent Pendergast, Corrie Swanson. PG-13.) Pendergast and Corrie go road-tripping. Destination is irrelevant; it is the journey that accounts for the most. Set vaguely after the events of the novel.