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Weathering the Storm --(Vitter/Santorum, PG-13). Suspicions, betrayal, and the fallout that occurs when it all falls to pieces. Karen discovers Rick’s affair with David, and both must face the consequences. Set to the song "Broken" by Seether.  

Calling a Bluff (Strip Poker) --(Vitter/Santorum, R.) Rick Santorum loses his dignity--and his clothing--while playing poker with the greatest bluffer in Bayou country.

Alpha --(Frist/Santorum, R.) The Senate majority leader asserts his dominance over the party's third-in-line. Rated R for gratuitous use of the "F" word by Rick, and rampant gun-waving by Bill. Answer to a Christmas request for Kaenhoushaki.

Out of the Closet (Into My Heart) --(Bush/Gore, R.) Set during the 2004 elections, following the first debate. George and Al get stuck in a coat closet; madness ensues, leaving a former Vice-President more than considerably confused. Dedicated to Kim.

Christmas in Washington --(Bush/Gore, PG-13.) An innocent search for a tree three days before Christmas leads to some heavy revelations and even weightier questions on the part of one outgoing President of the United States.

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