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The Curse of the Red Room : (Misfits. Jerry/Glenn, PG-13.) Jerry and Glenn go looking for ghosts in a haunted house on an eerie Halloween night. But things in the spirit world aren't always what they seem...
Spirit of the Season: (Misfits. Jerry/Glenn, PG-13.) Glenn is cynical about the holidays, and Jerry teaches him about the true meaning of Christmas. Answer to Holiday Request '07.

At the Gates : A Misfits/Da Vinci Code crossover. Jerry, accompanied by Silas and Bishop Aringarosa, must challenge a powerful archdemon to save the world. Answer to Holiday Request '06.

Small Miracles (Misfits/Danzig. Jerry/Glenn, R.) [In Progress.] Christmas is a time of joy and love and togetherness--unless, of course, you're Jerry Only. While the other Misfits spend a cozy Christmas at home, Jerry seeks to confront a demon that has plagued him since a fateful Christmas Eve years ago--and it seems fate has a sense of humor. Christmas is the time of small miracles, and a miracle is just what Jerry needs. With appearances by Glenn Danzig, Lars Ulrich of Metallica, and Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead.
Chapter I  | Chapter II | Chapter III

Happy Humbug: (Misfits. Jerry/Glenn, PG-13.) Jerry tries to inspire the holiday spirit in a jaded Danzig, with mixed results. Answer to Holiday Request '08.

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